ASHLEY CHIME 12" MEMORY FOAM BEDDING - Premier Rental-Purchase - Keyser, WV 26726
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    The ASHLEY CHIME 12" Memory Foam Bedding is a luxurious and comfortable mattress designed for a restful night's sleep. With a thick layer of memory foam that conforms to your body, this mattress provides pressure-relieving support and added comfort. The ASHLEY brand is known for quality and durability, ensuring that you will enjoy this mattress for years to come. Upgrade your sleep experience with the ASHLEY CHIME 12" Memory Foam Bedding.
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    The ASHLEY CHIME 12" Memory Foam Bedding is the ultimate combination of comfort and support for a restful night's sleep. Made by the trusted manufacturer ASHLEY, this model (M72731/M98X32) is designed to provide a luxurious sleeping experience for all types of sleepers.

    Crafted with high-quality memory foam, this bedding conforms to your body's unique shape, relieving pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. The 12" thickness of the mattress creates a plush, cushioned surface that cradles you in comfort, while also providing necessary support for a restful night's sleep.

    The ASHLEY Chime Memory Foam Bedding is ideal for those who suffer from back pain or joint discomfort, as it helps to alleviate aches and pains by evenly distributing your body weight. The memory foam material also absorbs motion, so you can sleep undisturbed even if your partner tosses and turns throughout the night.

    Whether you prefer a soft or firm feel, this mattress is versatile enough to accommodate all sleep preferences. The breathable fabric cover wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

    Upgrade your bedroom with the ASHLEY Chime 12" Memory Foam Bedding and experience the ultimate combination of luxury and support for a revitalizing night's sleep. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to rejuvenating rest with this top-of-the-line bedding option.
    • Size: 12 inches
    • Material: Memory Foam
    • Type: Bedding
    • Brand: Ashley Chime
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