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    The Ashley Fireplace Insert is a high-quality heating solution designed by Ashley to keep your living space warm and cozy during the chilly winter months. This model, the W100-101, is a sleek and stylish option that fits into any decor, with an easy-to-use design for simple operation. Made with durable materials and advanced technology, this fireplace insert is built to last through many heating seasons. Upgrade your home's heating system with the trusted name of Ashley and enjoy a warm and welcoming ambiance all winter long.
    This is a rental-purchase, lease-purchase, or rent-to-own transaction. You do not obtain any ownership interest in the Property unless you pay the total amount necessary for ownership or exercise your early purchase option.
    The ASHLEY FIREPLACE INSERT is a revolutionary heating solution that will transform your living space into a warm and luxurious environment. Designed and manufactured by ASHLEY, a leading name in the heating industry, this fireplace insert has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The model number is W100-101.

    Constructed from high-quality materials, the ASHLEY FIREPLACE INSERT is designed to provide maximum efficiency and heat output, while also reducing your energy costs. With an impressive heating capacity of up to 1,500 square feet, this fireplace insert is capable of keeping even the largest rooms warm and cozy throughout the coldest winter months.

    Featuring a sleek and modern design, the ASHLEY FIREPLACE INSERT can complement any interior décor style, from traditional to contemporary. The unit is finished in a beautiful black color, which is sure to add elegance and sophistication to any room it is placed in.

    One of the key features of this fireplace insert is its easy installation process. With a simple and straightforward setup, you can have your new fireplace insert up and running in no time, providing you with a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the winter season.

    The ASHLEY FIREPLACE INSERT is also incredibly safe to use, with a range of advanced safety features included to keep you and your home protected. These features include a cool-to-touch glass panel, automatic shut-off, and a built-in thermostat that automatically adjusts the unit’s temperature to maintain a consistent level of warmth throughout the day.

    With a user-friendly design, impressive heating capacity, and unbeatable safety features, the ASHLEY FIREPLACE INSERT is the perfect addition to any home that requires reliable and efficient heat throughout the winter season. So why wait? Order your ASHLEY FIREPLACE INSERT today and experience the ultimate in home heating comfort!
    - Type: Fireplace Insert - Fuel Type: Wood - Heating Capacity: Up to 1800 sq. ft. - Heating Output: Up to 79,000 BTUs per hour - Efficiency Rating: Up to 76% - Material: Steel with ceramic glass door - Color: Black - Ignition System: Manual - Blower Included: Yes - Air Wash System: Yes - Log Size: Up to 18 inches - Flue Size: 6 inches - Dimensions: 20 x 27 x 21 inches - Weight: 250 pounds - Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
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